Film Processing and Getting Caught up

Finally getting around to sending my backlog of  35mm film to get processed and scanned. I’ve got a ton equaling almost a whole years of shooting packed into a small shelf in a refrigerator. My problem was the film kept piling up but I wasn’t processing it. Sometimes taking a whole month or more just

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NAB 2017

Every year the National Association of Broadcasters has a show in Las Vegas where companies show of the latest gear for broadcasting and filmmaking. 2017 marked the first time I went to NAB. I’ve been to another video expo in California twice  DV Expo (Now Next Video Expo) nothing compares in size to NAB (well,

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Revisiting Old Photos Cowboy Mounted Shooting

A few years Ago I shot a cowboy mounted shooting event. This was early when I was learning photography and way before I owned a copy of Lightroom. Never getting around to editing the photos they sat untouched for years. At the time for any editing I was using the app that came with my

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Film Scanning with Linux and More with a Nikon LS 2000

  This is a post from my old Site with some updates. I Hope the info is useful to any one with this scanner. I also seem to have lost the sample images from the site update.  Images below will be from the scanner using the nikon scan software under Win XP. Instead of the

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