Revisiting Old Photos Cowboy Mounted Shooting

A few years Ago I shot a cowboy mounted shooting event. This was early when I was learning photography and way before I owned a copy of Lightroom. Never getting around to editing the photos they sat untouched for years. At the time for any editing I was using the app that came with my

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Frog Level Festival 2016 – Video

I recently shot a local event. First meeting with the client a week before the event at the meeting giving myself self a two week deadline. Thinking that would give me time to finish the video and not feel rushed. The final video is below with more mostly interviews coming soon. Also side note for

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Film Scanning with Linux and More with a Nikon LS 2000

  This is a post from my old Site with some updates. I Hope the info is useful to any one with this scanner. I also seem to have lost the sample images from the site update.  Images below will be from the scanner using the nikon scan software under Win XP. Instead of the

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