DVCPRO, 25 ,50

Video Tape Transfer

DVCPRO is a variation of the DV tape format developed by Panasonic in the mid 90’s. Some DVCPRO decks have backward compatibly with DV and DVCAM tapes. Some later model video decks have FireWire, others have SDI (like mine) and some lack digital output all together making them unsuitable for transferring tapes. I have the ability to transfer Both DVCPRO (also known as DVCPRO25) and DVCPRO50 creating a digital transfer of these tapes over SDI. Some companies down convert your media to composite. I demonstrate this downconversion in the below video using a common capture card used by a certain “memories” company. Doing this destroys the quality of the tape and the only suitable capture of these tapes is over FireWire or SDI.

Below are a variety of finds from some used tapes I was able to acquire for testing.

Small DVCPRO Tapes$25
Large DVCPRO Tapes$50
Price doesn’t include storage Tapes are transferred in Apple ProRes or a 10 bit uncompressed YUV quicktime file.