2019 Reel
One of the most important projects I’ve shot and edited. The community of Bishop Mountain still does not have clean water.
2018 Reel overview of last years projects.
Single Teaser I created for country music musician Dexter Roberts. Text animation from a base layer with assets from my asset pack Analog Noise.
Stock footage I shot in Vegas during NAB
Alabama Musician Chris Simons at the Fayette, Alabama Frog Level Festival
Video I animated for Lee Auman
GOTV video I shot and edited for Lee Auman reminding people to vote Tuesday.
Promo video I created for Fayette, Alabama Frog Level Festival.
Short cut of From the 2017 Frog Level Festival
Some more promo stuff I animated for the Fayette, Alabama Frog Level Festival.
Surprise birthday party I shot for former FCHS band teacher Jerry Bobo’s birthday.
Video I shot and edited of the Southeastern Fiddle Fest for the City of Fayette

Animated gif I created for Lee Auman based on a multilayer photoshop file various motion behaviors, key frame animations and a pixelation filter
Primary Election GOTV Video I edited for Walt Maddox’s campaign for Governor of Alabama. Mostly cellphone video and some outro video I shot at the Huntsville Women’s March.

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