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Originally Written Sep 19, 2014 Updated March 31 2016

Today or rather tonight I wanted to talk about Facebook’s content problem. This is a problem with pages that are posting the content and a problem of Facebook’s site being host to it. What kind of content stolen content. Let me explain. There are a plethora of Facebook pages mostly radio stations, obscure bands, failing actors “Comedians” or local news stations that think it’s ok to steal others content to drive traffic to their website or Facebook page. As a content creator this isn’t good because it drives traffic from the original source to another undeserving source who use it for their gain. You want loads of traffic on your Facebook page or website then have content worth sharing, not some stolen videos from YouTube. I’m talking about you SoFlo! When you have random radio stations from Lebanon or small local news stations with hundred thousands of likes or millions something is wrong. Why would my friends in small town Alabama be sharing content from radio Lebanon, while having no connection to Lebanon? Further more why does radio Lebanon have so many page likes from people no where near there?  If they can fix the click bait  problem they can fix this. Click bait and stolen content does nothing but clog up my feed. Its annoying. Having that nonsense show up is distracting from things I care about. Most of the news I get is thru pages I like on Facebook  so when you have hundreds of people sharing stolen content it’s distracting.

Will Facebook stop Freebooting probably not and with long time rumored monetization on videos. This problem will only get worse. Facebook makes piles of money from stolen videos.
As content creators we have to work to stop this. from Facebook’s side of things make it harder to to steal original content And easier to remove content that is not original. Then threaten those pages who don’t follow the rules a three strikes and you’re out type of thing. why isn’t report this content as stolen an option. (Also when I see a youtubers video stolen why can’t I report it)

Thoughts: Maybe a way to automate the process is to implement some type of reverse image search function but with video Lets say I see a stolen video ok easy I click report then click I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook after that click stolen video submit a link to the original video, description of problem and it gets compared with the stolen video. If there is a match it Facebook gets notified and if found to be stolen it gets removed and the Facebook page is notified.

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