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Apple Computer Educom 1987 John Sculley Keynote Address On The Knowledge Navigator

A side project that I work on involves archiving media related to computer history, including a lot of material from my Dad’s days in computer software and hardware. Recently, I’ve been finding media for sale online or receiving tapes as donations. I have a YouTube playlist featuring this media, and I’m adding material to

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The Moon And The Rocket That Brought Us There – A Timelapse

Recently I was in Huntsville while I was there I shot some footage of the Space and Rocket Center met Dustin Sandlin one of my favorite YouTubers from the Channel  Smarter Every Day. I also captured a timelapse of the moon passing over the rocket that brought us there. When I set up to capture it

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NAB 2018

Recently was in Las Vegas for NAB 2018. During that trip, I learned a ton met a lot of awesome people and shot a lot of footage. Like last year I got to meet a lot of people I’ve been watching and learning from for years. One of those was Ryan Connolly from Filmroit

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Protest and Stock from the Women’s March

Back in January, I had a chance to go to the Huntsville Woman’s March. This was great opportunity to not only shoot footage of the event for stock but also use my newly acquired C100. After that event, I edited this video and sent some footage to Dissolve for stock. Here’s that stock footage ready to license

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