NAB 2018

Recently was in Las Vegas for NAB 2018. During that trip, I learned a ton met a lot of awesome people and shot a lot of footage.

Like last year I got to meet a lot of people I’ve been watching and learning from for years. One of those was Ryan Connolly from Filmroit

Another was Caleb Pike from DSLRvideoshooter (Must not have edited any of what I shot)

A face from last year was David Carmichael from CorridorDigital a new one was Niko Pueringer who was unable to attend last year because of being in the middle of production on Corridors Youtube Red series Lifeline. He decided to round up some new gear.

A lot of the awesome speakers were made possible because of Aputure

The A-team is super nice and helpful here are some photos I shot of the team Head of that team id Ted Sim

I’ll be posting more photos from the trip when I get around to posting them on Instagram.




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