Vegas Nights

Vegas Nights

Recently I traveled to Las Vegas for NAB 2018 met a ton of awesome people learned a ton got kicked out of Fremont Street for shooting without a permit had a woman offer me the “hangover experience” on my way back to my hotel In what I’m calling an extremely sketchy situation. After that, a quick “NOPE” Never have I walked faster. (When you’re carrying a bag full of gear and a tripod running isn’t advised) Another night was spent shooting stock footage around my hotel (the stratosphere). Followed by more time-lapse and another less sketchy situation semi-funny where I was invited to the strip club “after I got off work”  saying  “I work at all of them” Yea thats a no shot some more time-lapse. Met a Russian filmmaker who immediately after mentioning I’m from Alabama brought up finger guns saying “pew pew That’s what your state is known for right?”  During the trip I also shot some photos.

For the trip, I brought two cameras one being to the surprise of Caleb Pike from DSLR video shooter and YC Imaging a T2i that I used for photography and time-lapse another was a Panasonic G7 for video. I’ve said this before Gear doesn’t matter.

After that week I came home and edited this video with music from Artlist

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