The Moon And The Rocket That Brought Us There – A Timelapse

Scott Gravlee 2018

Recently I was in Huntsville while I was there I shot some footage of the Space and Rocket Center met Dustin Sandlin one of my favorite YouTubers from the Channel  Smarter Every Day. I also captured a timelapse of the moon passing over the rocket that brought us there.

When I set up to capture it I was not expecting that I would capture this. It wasn’t until around the 5 sec mark I realized what I was going to do. Before getting ready to stop shooting. In the end, staying out there for more than 2 hours only stopping when my camera battery died. This amounting to over 300 photos. The lens I used was a 10mm 2.8 from Rokinon this is the widest lens I own and great for wide scenes like this. To shoot this I used my T2I with Magic Lantern to trigger it. (While a camera I still recommend for beginners I’m looking to replace it.)  I also manually adjusted the shutter speed. In the end, I should have used bulb ramping to adjust it. That’s something worth putting into the timelapse module so it can adjust with your time-lapse settings rather than independently. If I was to do this again I would power my camera externally with a large battery and catch more of the sunset. For processing, I used Sequence a Mac app that allows me to edit Raw Sequences and apply a de-flickering filter and manually adjust white balance thru keyframes or just manually.

This clip is available to license thru me or here

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