Tape Transfer and More

It’s Been a while since I put up a blog post I’ve been busy on a lot of different projects. One big thing is working on building out all my transfer racks in my studio it all started with this single rack and has grown to three and a half and I have two more to find hardware for

I’m working on being able to support a wide range of formats and already do.
More info on that here https://v1de0.com/tape-transfer

More will be coming and I need to update my imagery because a lot has changed here’s some phone pictures of it all

A few transfers

Once my audio cassette deck gets repaired my next big project is transferring a huge stack of audio tapes recorded by a family member in the mid 1970’s and then adding Audio tapes to transfer abilities.
The audio tapes could turn into a documentary project and I already have idea’s for formatting.

Before it stoped working I did some tests on some tapes I had from my Dads software days and it sounded great.

I’m of course working on other video projects non tape related including one recently I can’t talk about due to NDA’s and such.

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  1. I have a couple of VHS tapes that I’d like transferred and a neighbor does also. What is your contact info so we can schedule an appt please?

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