Shooting a Surprise Birthday Party

The shoot

Recently I shot a surprise birthday party during that shoot I ran into several technical problems. My audio recorder died. (Still really mad about that.) I thought I was recording when I wasn’t which led to an amazing clip of me running to grab something out of my camera bag. I also forgot to change memory card in another camera and when I did I never pressed record. Eventually figuring that out, In the end, I captured some great footage and was able to tell a really good story. Very important to the video and bringing you to the story was the GoPro footage. Funny thing is I nearly didn’t bring it.


The story was really important to this project. The goal was to tell a great story creating a connection to the content and using that as a vehicle to get people to donate money for the scholarship. Telling that story in short amount of time was important to me. I wanted not only those with immediate connection to the band but those without to feel a connection. Past, present members or some random person in New York. This is a story worth telling. A high school band from a small town was able to things only thought possible by schools in larger and more affluent areas. The former students I’ve interviewed have said Mr. Bobo expected nothing but your best. Because of this came excellence. You don’t have a great program like that without a great leader.

Personal connection

On a personal level, I had a personal connection being alumni of the band program. Once having Mr. Bobo as a substitute while getting ready for state competition. Thru out my band career, I would always hear about how great the band was and how many lives were changed. It was not until speaking with former members truly understanding that and not until that day understanding the importance of what I was capturing.


As it sits I am working hard to bring a longer form version of this and hope to have more details in a couple weeks.



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