The Other Side

Back in April I started shooting what is turning into a photo project documenting an area that for a long time has seemed forgotten in my hometown. It was mostly me just venturing out and shooting with a recently acquired Mamiya M645 1000’S Medium Format camera. What led me to medium format was that last year before the pandemic I was gifted a large amount of recently expired, but importantly refrigerated medium format film from a photographer from the area that film left over from a project. While shooting these photos I was thinking about a recent Washington Post article that had been published on Fayette examining the issue of race, the recent election of Fayette’s second African American council member and a lawsuit that seeked to stop it. What that article stirred up were people not wanting to see that Fayette isn’t the perfect Mayberry town they see it as and that an outsider who some may have seen as elite or coming in with some nonexistent agenda was pointing out the obvious. The photos I captured show an area that like similar areas in other communities has lacked economic development. I’m not sure what the future of this project is I still have film to send to the lab to be processed, but until then I at least have a small collection of photos that tell a small part of a complex story.

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