Final Cut Pro 7 Projects In Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro 7 Projects In Final Cut Pro X

I recently needed to open an old Final Cut Pro 7 project. Not wanting to edit in FCP7 I looked around and saw that FCPX allows you to import XML. I thought great I can just export an XML file from FCP7 and import it in FCPX. Sadly it did not work. A few years back I remember seeing articles on converting FCP7 projects to FCPX and it being a big deal. After a few minutes of research a visit to the Mac App Store and $10 later I could open my old projects in Final Cut Pro X.     Things I learned FCP7 can export XML for opening projects in other editing programs also that it’s not compatible FCPX. So if you have old projects that need to be opened in FCPX so far this is the best only way I know of. 7toX can be found here on the Mac App Store

Basically, 7 to X creates XML that Final Cut Pro X can understand.



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