Film Processing and Getting Caught up

Finally getting around to sending my backlog of  35mm film to get processed and scanned. I’ve got a ton equaling almost a whole years of shooting packed into a small shelf in a refrigerator. My problem was the film kept piling up but I wasn’t processing it. Sometimes taking a whole month or more just to finish shooting what would only take a few weeks. It slowed me down a little. I’m hoping getting this processed will stop the slowdown. Right now I’m sending ten rolls at a time. Getting them processed at Indie Film Lab. That equals a little over 220 dollars for extra large scans. Some might look at that and say it’s a waste of time or expense. That mostly comes from consumers It’s hard for them to understand why people still shoot film  “why would you shoot film in a digital age” Well because I think about what I’m shooting also I’m forced to think about my settings. I end up shooting less while getting more. I keeping more when I shoot film I’m not shooting 300 photos only to keep 80. With film it cost money so I’m forced to “get it right” If not I try to figure out what happened and correct for that.  Sure I can emulate film in Lightroom but it’s not the same as shooting film. I’m hoping that more constantly getting stuff developed keeps me shooting this medium and leads to much more in the future.



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