Film Scanning with Linux and More with a Nikon LS 2000


This is a post from my old Site with some updates. I Hope the info is useful to any one with this scanner. I also seem to have lost the sample images from the site update.  Images below will be from the scanner using the nikon scan software under Win XP. Instead of the mentioned setup using Vue Scan and Ubuntu. More so to show what images from scanner look like.


In this post i’m going to be talking about things I learned while setting a Nikon LS2000 Film scanner that my Grandfather gave me.


When it comes to the film scanner it’s connected via SCSI. I first should say I’ve had this up and running under windows 7 which was a pain in the ass to start off with because of the difference in 32 bit vs 64 bit drivers. After not using that computer since 2012 the windows install no longer booted properly and after hours of running rescue boot disks with no luck I gave up. The software i’m using only needs a working SCSI card. After some tinkering I tried a Hackintosh being that i’m a Mac user (which is the environment I would wan’t to use) I some how thought this would be easy. Long story short bad idea. After giving up on that I tried Linux. It worked! well with out the original software. (with emulation it might work you would need to have access to the expansion slot with the SCSI card)  The PCI SCSI card I have works with Ubuntu without any drivers.(Adaptech – EZ SCSI) I just plugged it in, booted ubuntu, went into terminal and typed LSPCI (Linux command to show any device plugged into the computer.) and saw the card. Opened the program and scanned some film. The program i’m using is VueScan which does an amazing job of controlling older scanners that are no longer supported. I have yet to purchase the program (free download creates watermarks on all files until you purchase it)


So far I’ve figured out for the best (quick) results to scan the film bring it into Photoshop Invert, Rotate then apply Auto Toning. I do that to quickly fix the the color  The scans below are of my dad in Hawaii (he is a bit out of focus)  Three versions the first is the raw scan I’m scanning in tiff to get the best quality then outputting to jpeg after all corrections. Second is it inverted the last is after auto toning in Photoshop.  

The photos below are scans from my dads since stolen Canon AE-1 program camera on a trip to Hawaii. All File are scanned as Tiffs then brought into Photoshop with minor corrections (In this case I pulled back on the red curve) Still learning.


Van Gravlee 1980 something Hawaii
Van Gravlee 1980 something Hawaii

Van Gravlee 1980 somthing


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