Late Vegas Nights & Timelapse

Stock Footage

Among my kinda people

Recently I traveled to Las Vegas for NAB While I was there I spent a good portion of my time shooting long exposure time lapses. Living in a small town it’s not something I get to shoot a ton of unless there is a parade coming thru town. So I know that’s something I wanted to shoot not only for the fun of shooting also for stock. What amazed me is the sheer amount of people in Vegas for NAB that knew exactly what I was doing some would ask if I was getting good stuff, another wanted to let me use some of his gear if only he had it handy. One guy asked me. “Long exposure time lapse?” Yes “what shutter speed?” 10 seconds. as he’s passing me loudly shouting ” 10 seconds wooo” others just asked about basic settings. Encounters like this happened every night. What was awesome was being able to talk to people who understood what I was doing.

Late Nights

While shooting I kinda lost track of time venturing farther and farther until finally telling my self to stop and go back to my room. Throughout seeing multitudes of drunk, loud ( or both)  people or those that looked like they were advertising things not legal in most of the US. (Only legal in rural parts of Nevada).  You also had the persistent salesmen “strip club, guys?” “guys looking to go to a strip club?” There was the couple that tried to kiss in front of my camera only to find out it wasn’t pointed at them. One night finally getting back to my room sometime past 1:00

Homeless Guy

On the last night, I had a very interesting encounter with a homeless guy. While shooting near my hotel I saw an older man walking and waving a dollar. Not thinking anything of it I kept shooting. Well soon after he came up to me saying “Have you heard of the casino windows that are falling” I’d say no I’m working. he would say “oh ok” go away for a few seconds and then come back. Keep in mind that thru out this whole ordeal he’s still waving that dollar in my face. “have you heard of the dirt pit with all the kids toys in it?”  or “The thing about (insert topic here) is” after that goes off and on for 5 or so minutes when he comes back to ask me about his teeth “I’m missing most of my teeth” “Do I still have my molars back there” Multiple times I stated that I was working please don’t bother me. Got to a point where finally I had a quick out on one of his back and forth trips. While trying to get me to pay him to leave me alone he found a wallet in the garbage. After coming back to show me what he found. He became fixated on the contents of this mystery wallet (I was your stereotypical scenario where someone is looking at something in amazement totally oblivious to their surroundings)  This was my chance, so I quickly stopped the time lapse grabbed my bag and bolted. Alerting the group I passed on my way out to avoid him. Luckily I ended up with enough frames to make it not a total waste of time. (you can see it @0:37) I wonder how much he’s scammed from tourist who just want to be left alone. Going to a bigger city the problem (and the need to help these people) of homelessness become’s much more apparent. The old man was not the only homeless guy I saw just the one doing more than holding a sign to get money.

Gear and Assembly

I shot this with my G7 the included kit lens and a 45-200 using my Manfrotto tripod (190XB I believe) Shooting in RAW and assembling this in Sequence for the Mac. I then did the pretty standard edit in Final Cut Pro X and grade with Color Finale. Music came from

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