The switch from Final Cut 7 To Final Cut X

The switch from Final Cut 7 To Final Cut X

Recently I finally made the switch to Final Cut Pro X from Final Cut Studio for video editing. I have yet to edit any major projects on it and with projects coming up I need to get everything figured out. After all these years I regret not switching sooner. The whole reason for staying with Final Cut Pro 7 all these years was my dislike with Apple and what they did to creatives. Rewriting it giving it 64bit support so 64bit Macs can use more than 4gb of ram vastly improved its processing power when dealing with stuff like 4K and rendering(all done in the background now). All great except, when they completely changed everything leaving editors everywhere unable to open old projects, use plugins, or rendering whole workflows useless.  At the time I considered switching to premier but, ran into computer trouble leaving me with a Mac barely able to Final Cut Studio. After upgrading to used 2008 Mac Pro last year I finally had a machine capable of serious editing it was time for something more modern. Scared with every OS update the software itself was a ticking time bomb that I’m surprised still “mostly” works. After trying to figure out what to upgrade to I was better of going with Final Cut Pro X because I use Motion 5 for all of my motion graphics work. Over the years I edited a lot of great stuff and look forward to what I can accomplish with this new found power.  Next step figure out a render server for compressor.

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