Film in a Digital World

When it comes to photography I’m very much into the digital way of things and have little experience in shooting film. So why am I shooting film? I find It’s about focusing on what I’m shooting instead of overshooting. If I shoot 80 photos only to keep 14 that’s crazy. With the few rolls, I recently shot I found myself shooting less while shooting more. I was focusing more on framing. Something
I’ve needed to start doing more of.




So far it’s been a great experience. My main go to camera right now is a Minolta XG-A and 28mm Kiron (Vivitar version) lens combo and already have shot three rolls.  (Kodak Max, Fujicolor Superia and a roll of BW Tri-x all speed 400) Just loaded the third roll of Speed 200 Fujicolor. When it comes to developing my rolls I have yet to find a good mail in darkroom to process my film.(not ready to do that on my own) I hear good things about the darkroom. But am unsure. I own a film scanner and don’t necessarily need that done.  I still think film still has it’s place despite the benefits of digital.  Hope my ramblings were somewhat interesting.


I ended up using MPIX waiting to get my negatives back (for some asinine reason they ship those separately from the “DVD archive”)    and get some questions answered. Once I get everything figured out i’m probably going to write a blog post on it.


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