Washington on Film

Recently I went to Washington to visit some family. On that trip I ended up shooting 5 rolls of 35mm film. I shot a mixture of digital and film most mostly just shooting video on my GH3. You can see what I shot in the short film To Washington. Only shot Around 15 images on my digital camera not really liking any of them. Most of the time not even taking it out of my bag. Just using my Minolta XG-A. After I left Washington I felt like I had neglected my GH3 spending too much time on my film camera. After getting my photos back from the lab I’m not sure. I captured stuff I may not have shot digitally or may have over shot. All the photos were developed by an amazing somewhat local (Is it local if they are in the same state) lab Indie Film Lab. They did an amazing job even some of the water damaged photos from Lake Crescent look good. (Note film and kayaking don’t really mix,) Had fun saw some family and got to see a high school friend. I definitely learned a lot after shooting all that film.

If the images fail to load they can be found here.

Photos in no particular order.

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