New Year New Camera

Starting the new year with a new camera. Disclaimer: I love getting new gear that being said people often make it about gear rather than learning and using what they already have. Do you really need to get that new camera? For me, that answer was yes.

For a number of months now I have been looking to get a second camera to go with my GH3. In the past, for multi-camera shoots, I was using 3 different cameras. For mainly timelapse I’ve been using my first DSLR a Canon T2i also using a Sony NEX 5-R for both video and time-lapse.  The problems I had with using such different cameras came down to matching footage and different mounts.

Extra stuff needed

  • Lenses
  • Mount converters
  • Batteries

Heres a project I shot with all three of those cameras.


Looking at the beginning of the video you can see the footage doesn’t quite match. Because of that, I wanted a second Micro Four Thirds camera to go with my GH3 to not only serve as a solid B camera but also to be able to function as a main camera when I want to shoot with a smaller setup or don’t need all the functions of the other camera.

Benefits of the new camera.

  • Mount
  • similar video quality
  • Same sensor size
  • 4K video recording

So what did I get? Liking the features and price I ended up getting a Panasonic G7 I have not done a ton of shooting yet I’ve done a little testing of the 4k video recording. Main thing I did was shoot this timelapse. (Before my batteries died.)  Raw files assembled using Sequence blog post on that maybe?

Here is a still I edited from one of those lapses

Also I suck at writing do what you wan’t with that info.

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