Water and Woods

Last minute a few weeks back I went with my Dad to some family property to check on some fish traps and of course I grabbed my camera. Sadly though forgetting my film camera. I shot everything with a GH3 and some Canon FD glass. Lately my preferred lenses to use with my Lens Turbo 2 Speed Booster. Shooting a mixture of photos and video. Being overall happy with what I captured.   I knew when I was shooting it I would like to use some of it for stock footage but, that was not the main point of shooting. More or less it was the want to create something. This is the first time I’ve ever shot anything that has required a model release. Which as soon as my Dad signed I was ready to submit for the approval process. Couple of notes on direction while I did a little of direction of where to look and and go. I did not do a good job shooting the pulling up of the fishing traps. I got great stuff from the side and back. But failed to really catch him from the front. Had I captured that I would have gotten a lot more useable footage. Graded all of this with Color Finale using luts. Music is from an awesome website for Creative Commons music.  Great for some quick music for personal stuff.  Heres what I shot.

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